SA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Showing up at the African Para Games

The 2023 African Paralympic Games kicked-off with an unexpected turn of events as Team Nigeria and Team Central Africa withdrew from the men’s wheelchair basketball competition. The wheelchair basketball games, which started on the 4th of September in Ghana, now comprise two groups in the men’s competition. Group A has GhanaUgandaAlgeriaDR Congo, and Morocco, while Group B consist of KenyaSenegalEgyptSouth Africa, and Angola

The women’s competition does not comprise groups – teams compete in a round-robin format where they compete against each other resulting in teams being eliminated after a set number of losses, promising a heart-pounding round of matches.

Based on the changes, South Africa will play the following teams:

Tuesday, 5 September, 09:00 – South Africa (Women) vs Zambia (Women)

Wednesday, 6 September, 13:30- South Africa (Men) vs Senegal (Men)

Wednesday, 6 September, 15:45- South Africa (Women) vs Ghana (Women)

Thursday, 7 September, 15:45-South Africa (Women) vs Morocco (Women)

Thursday, 7 September, 18:00-South Africa (Men) vs Angola (Men)

Friday, 8 September,11:15-South Africa (Women) vs Kenya (Women)

Saturday, 9 September, 15:45- South Africa (Men) vs Egypt (Men)

Sunday, 10 September, 11;15-South Africa (Men) vs Kenya (Men)

Sunday, 10 September, 13:30- South Africa (Women) vs. DR Congo (Women)

Tournament Results:

05:09 RSA 64 – ZAMBIA 6 (Women)

06:09 RSA 29 – SENEGAL 62 (Men)

06:09 RSA 51 – Ghana – 31 (Women)

07:09 RSA 40 – Morocco 20 ( Women)

07:09 RSA 54 – Angola 26 (Men)

The South African Women’s team has performed well in the games they have played so far. The team beat Zambia 64-6 on Tuesday and won 51-31 against Ghana on Wednesday. The Men’s team lost 29-62 to Senegal on Wednesday.

This competition serves as a last-chance qualifier for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, allowing for the team that finishes first place in each category to earn an opportunity to participate in the tournament.

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