Culture Transformation Ambassadors Support Banyana Banyana

A Culture Transformation Ambassador is a special type of employee, at any level, who volunteers his or her time, over and above their normal day to day work activities, to foster a positive, productive, and conducive work environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. In addition, together as the ambassadorship programme we are stiving to continue living out our values and pursuing our desired culture—one that is purpose-led, values-driven, high-performing, and customer-centric.

Our success as a company is ultimately dependent on our ability to transform our culture. To achieve our desired workplace environment, we have extended the culture leadership to all our sites and have a total of seventy (70) active Culture Transformation Ambassadors.

Our purpose of “Innovating for a better future” can only be achieved by doing things differently in relation to our business processes and our people. Our People promise, to provide a unique employee experience and a compelling employee value proposition to a diverse workforce in a safe and inclusive workplace, is at the core of our culture transformation.

Our desire to live meaningful lives both within and outside of the office motivates us to get involved in all Sasol initiates to influence the culture. Since football is one of our conversational metaphors, it speaks a language that is understood by all of us, and we are rooting for Banyana Banyana.