Close call for Sasol U25 AmaWheelie Girls on Day 2 of the IWBF U25 Women’s Wheelchair Basketball World Championship qualifiers

The Sasol AmaWheelie Girls vs. Ethiopia

The Sasol U25 AmaWheelie Girls national team were hosted by the Ethiopia national team during the IWBF U25 Women’s Wheelchair Basketball World Championship qualifiers at the Mandeville Sports Club this morning.  

After the Ethiopians suffered a defeat against the AmaWheelie Girls on Monday, they returned with the motive to defeat them this time around. The Ethiopians were leading by 15-10 going into the second half. The South Africans missed ample opportunities to score which would have put them in the lead.

The AmaWheelie Girls came back into the second quarter stronger as they pushed to closing in on the Ethiopians, in the third quarter of the game they were trailing a point behind from the hosts. Unfortunately, yesterday’s top scorer Ongezwa Hagu was not having a good day on the court today, however, together with captain Michelle Moganedi, they managed to pull through in the last quarter of the game as they scored the needed points. The Sasol U25 AmaWheelie Girls managed to win the game by 28 -26.

The South African substitute players spurring their teammates on

Coach Trooper Johnson was satisfied with the outcome of the match “I must say that it was a very close game today and the girls didn’t do as well as I had imagined. However, I am proud that we were able to close the gap, especially coming from behind in the first half. I’m glad that I can celebrate my birthday with another win from my team.  Tomorrow will give us an opportunity to rectify our mistakes and continue to aim for gold.”

The AmaWheelie Girls will be facing the DR Congo tomorrow at 15:00 at the Mandeville Sports Club.

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