South Africa U23 National Team crowned to compete in Canada

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Congratulations to the South Africa U23 National Team for taking the glory of being crowned the 2016 U23 Africa Championship Qualifiers in their game against Nigeria. South Africa will be competing in the World Championship taking place in Canada next year, and making this a monumental success for the team as they take their fifth successive reign as the African Champions. South Africa won the African Championship with their final score at 48 and Nigeria at 36.

The U23 African Championships Qualifiers that started on 7 December, and ended on 10 December 2016 have been nothing but spectacular. South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe brought their consistent dedication in making sure that the championship was world class and entertaining.

Sasol is proud and honoured to be part of this historical championship that has developed the sport in ways that afforded Wheelchair Basketball South Africa (WBSA) to flourish on a global scale. Nozipho Mbatha, Sasol Group Brand Marketing Manager said” It brings us great pleasure to associate ourselves with niche sport such at the African Championship Qualifiers, as it provides endless opportunities for us a dedicated team to bring forth inclusion and diversity in our broader scope of sponsored sporting codes. Well done to the South Africa U23 National Team, and we wish you well on your journey to preparing for Canada.

South Africa has dominated the qualifying tournaments and is rated as the number one team in Africa with this championship being South Africa’s 5th African Championship win. The national team has competed in all World Championships with Bermingham being the first one in 2005, followed by France in 2009. These tournaments were then followed by the 2013 championship that took place in Turkey, and with the recent world championship taking place in 2017, which will be hosted by Canada.

Quinton Robinson, High Performance Director for WBSA said, “We are very excited and proud of all our accomplishment as a team. We are proud of the hard work and dedication that our team exudes. WBSA is grateful that we received another opportunity to be alongside the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF), and worked together to pull off a championship that we can all be proud of as a team. The technical skill on our side proofed to be world class, and enabled us to afford all the teams an opportunity to compete on a global scale”.

U23 African Championship Qualifiers Results:

7 December 2016

South Africa Vs Nigeria

Score: SA 52 – Nigeria 49

Zimbabwe Vs South Africa

Score: Zimbabwe 34 – SA 68

8 December 2016

Nigeria Vs Zimbabwe

Score: Nigeria 65 – Zimbabwe 29

South Africa Vs Nigeria

Score:SA 43 – Nigeria 40

9 December 2016

Nigeria Vs Zimbabwe

Score: Nigeria 63 – Zimbabwe 23

Zimbabwe Vs South Africa

Score: Zimbawe 28 – SA 86

10 December 2016


South Africa Vs Nigera

Score: SA 48 – Nigeria 36

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